LCD Laptop Monitor Screen Cleaning Kit

৳ 349.00

The screen cleaner can be used to clean TFT display screen, notebook screen, PDA screen, printer screens, & CD/DVDs safely. There will be no scratches or track left & do not hurt the screen coat. It also cleans flat/ normal screen TV, laptop screen, PC monitor, CD/DVD, etc. This LCD cleaning kit cleans messy fingers prints, dirt and dust, stains etc. & gives a good clean finish afterwards.The cleaner contains special liquid, special cloth and soft brush to clean corners and sides of the screen.

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  • Screen Cleaner for Laptop and Monitor
  • Spray the high performance cleaning liquid on the micro-fiber dust tissue
  • Use the tissue to wipe the LCD screen carefully
  • Use the micro-fiber cloth to wipe the dirt

The formula of the sprayable liquid is non-toxic, ammonia and alcohol free. It is a natural spray made from plant extracts with natural anti-bacterial properties. But most importantly it is gentle on all screens.


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