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The Inception of Gadget Mama and the Five Most Important Gadgets that Changed Our Lives

GadgetMama (launched in February 2019) is an online store that primarily serves the people of Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the term mama means uncle (i.e. mom’s brother) — however, the term can be loosely used to refer to strangers and the elderly when interacting with them in an endearing way.

It’s interesting to note that mother is referred to as Ma and mom’s brother is referred to as Mama. Anywho, the term gadget mama came on-board as a fun way to brand ourselves and become recognizable — while still being relevant to a key cultural aspect of how we interact with each other as people. In western societies, the term gadget mama can refer to females, i.e. mama meaning mother (again an endearing term). Regardless, it’s safe to say that the two mama’s really enjoy their gadgets.

In the history of western societies, as women gained rights and entered the workforce — they began to be able to spend more and were able to buy several gadgets and devices, which became important in their lives to enjoy a higher standard of living. The same is being experienced in countries around the world as women become empowered and enjoy the use of their gadgets just like any of their male counterpart.

Following are some devices which can be loosely called gadgets, that forever changed the way we live.

Retro Vintage Indian Refrigerator

The Refrigerator: This is a household device that is now almost plain and boring but was once a technological marvel. The refrigerator first entered commercial production in the 1920s in the United States and it forever changed the way us humans live our lives. We could spend less time grocery shopping, cooking and more time doing other things.

The Electric Stove: In the late 1920s, electric stoves gained popularity over gas stoves in the developed world, due to ease of use and low maintenance. However, in the developing world, electric stoves have only recently started gaining popularity in modern homes.

The Microwave: Microwaves started being sold commercially in 1947 but their popularity grew slowly due to concerns over side effects of radiation. As we know, microwaves are now a must-have around the world, for quickly warming up food.

The Freezer: Commercial freezers for home use were first designed in the 1940s. They can be found in almost all homes today for long-term storage of food.

The Blender: The first blender was invented in 1922 to make milkshakes. Today, they serve a variety of purposes to grind up or mix ingredients.

This has been just a look at some of most important devices in history. At Gadget Mama, we bring you new gadgets and devices which may be novel today but almost a necessity (that we take for granted) in the near future.

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